Holy Spirit

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Episcopal Bilingual School

Dear Families and Friends,

We at Holy Spirit Episcopal community wish to welcome all new and returning families to Holy Spirit Episcopal Bilingual School. Our school is part of the Honduran Episcopal Church and a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our Episcopal Faith tradition, like our school's tradition, emphasizes the importance and dignity of every person in every aspect of creation. Both, also place a high value on the life of the community. Encompassing all of this is an emphasis on the blessing and joy that God offers to us. Our Commitment to the children of Holy Spirit Episcopal Bilingual School is to nurture, respect and to engage them in a complex learning about self and family, community and the world.

I welcome the families who decide to place their trust in the school as a formative part of their children's development. As a Christian institution we are ready to serve as a source of Faith and Pastoral Care to our children and their families. If we can be of any assistance to you, I hope you will not hesitate to call us.

The staff of the school and I are all dedicated to being available and of service in whatever ways we can. Therefore, on behalf of the community of Holy Spirit Episcopal Bilingual School I look forward to being part of the journey of growth and delight which awaits the children of Holy Spirit Episcopal Bilingual School.

Finally, I would like to end this welcome letter with a quote forom Pslam 27 which opens with a wonderful line, "The Lord is my Light and Salvation". This isn't some tentative hope, it's not some nervous handwritting, it's a proclamation, it's a bold and confident statement. If the Lord is our Light and Salvation, our staff, our families and our students are all in God's hands. Therefore our future is secured, for we are assured by Mathews 28: 20 that we are to teach our children to obey all he has commanded us AND, most of all, that we should not fear for he is with us through the end of the ages.

Welcome and may you have a wonderful Day,


The Rt. Revd. Lloyd Emmanuel Allen, D.D.

Rector of the Episcopal Institutions and Schools of Honduras